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If you can go to court on a weekday, even once a year, read on to learn about D.A.W.G. Court Advocacy. If you cannot go to court, we still need you: we have many volunteer opportunities. Just email courtadvocacy@dawgsite.org. If you cannot volunteer, you can still help. Become more aware of dog fighting, animal abuse, and, yes, even pet theft. Click here for a downloadable flyer to share with your neighbors, friends and family.

D.A.W.G. Court Advocacy Opportunities & Important Reminders
* Learn about Court Advocacy Meetings and Trainings in this section.
* For even more information, download a brochure.
* Check out the current calendar of court cases and hearings by clicking here: D.A.W.G. Court Advocacy Opportunities (to view and print). Use the following guidelines:

  • Check the calendar again the day before going to a court case. Changes can still happen, but you are less likely to be surprised.
  • If you see errors or omissions, please email courtadvocacy@dawgsite.org or leave a message on the D.A.W.G. court advocacy voice mail (312-409-2169, press 3 at the recording).
  • D.A.W.G. Court Advocates are trained (or appear with experienced Court Advocates who have been trained) in the protocols of the Cook County judicial system and with established guidelines through the City of Chicago Court Advocacy Program.

The Court Advocacy Program is a City-of-Chicago-sponsored program with partners:

The court-case information provided is the result of this important partnership among the organizations named above and, of course, you. If you use this information in your website or publication, please credit this partnership.

Monthly Court Advocacy Committee Meetings
4th Monday of each month, except Mayand November-December, 6:00 p.m.
      [next meeting: June 25 , 2012; May 28th cancelled for holiday]

Contact us for more information or to let us know you will be attending our meeting:

Court Advocacy Training & Animal Law
Please check out our calendar section from time to time. Come to our next training, BASICS FOR BEGINNERS, on June 11, 2012. Even if you cannot attend, we can get you started by connecting you with one of our experienced D.A.W.G. Court Advocates. We need new people to go to court, and we need more people to help in our education effort. Let us know you're interested: email courtadvocacy@dawgsite.org.

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